Introducing Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga – ‘Principles & Practice’

(Ways & means of approaching the Practice – Part 1)
Pranayama & Meditation Practice

With Tony Wilmot BWY Dip
12 noon – 3pm
Saturday 12 September 2015
Venue: My soulspace,
2 Sweetlake Business Park,
Shrewsbury, SY3 9EW

This is the first of a series of dates to share the practice in a structured and ordered way way. Surya namaskara is the foundation of this yoga tradition and it is within this aspect that we shall explore the other principles & practice of the form. We will observe the components: ujjayi breath, bandha, dhrishi and vinyasa (breath & movement synchronisation) that is connecting each posture. Breath is the thread on which each posture is placed to create a necklace of postures. Also we will practice the cooling sequence to balance followed by the five finishing postures and pranayama to (re)seal excess energy. Other areas covered in this workshop are economy of movement; line lines of energy; the jump back to and to. The session will cumulate in a sitting meditation and short relaxation.

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