‘From earth to heaven: ‘An exploration of the chakra system’ – 10/11/2018

Walton (Berkswich) Village Hall, Stafford,
Saturday 10am – 4.30pm
10 November 2018
Cost: £35.00

Sannyasi Brahmananda was initiated into karma sannyasa by Parmahamsa Satyananda in 1988, in Munger, India. In the years since that day he has returned to the ashrams in Munger and Rikhia many times, to deepen his studies and experience, attend programmes and immerse himself in karma yoga and seva. He spent many years as director and course coordinator of the Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe.

He resides in London where he has been teaching for 12 years, offering general and private classes in many different environments:

Adult education, children and adults with special needs, autistic children, mental health, as well as running day programmes and courses in a variety of topics such as, meditation, yoga psychology and yantra drawing for those who wish to take their experience of yoga deeper. His guru’s teachings continue to inspire him to ensure yoga and its valuable tools are made accessible to all.

About the day
According to the evolution theories of tantra, the great energy of kundalini has descended from the unmanifest to the manifest, from the unconditioned subtle aspects to the conditioned aspects of mind and the physical body – bringing all things into being along the way. Yoga is in many ways a reverse process, an undoing of what has been done, and the chakra system expresses this quite beautifully.
In relation to the personality, the chakra system equates with our process of growth and development from self-centred beings focused on separation and difference, to a more open, awakened and expansive state; an evolution of the personality.
This process does not even necessarily relate to the famed ‘awakening of the chakras’ – an often used and little understood expression. The chakras are always active and through the techniques of yoga, tantra and reflection, we are able to stimulate and harmonise their functioning. This will have effects in the body, prana and mind and assist in developing our understanding of who we are and how we function – seeing ourselves as we are; our drives, fears and motivations in life. We can then, in very real, grounded and practical terms, transform how we live on a day to day basis.

For more details or to book contact:
Tony Wilmot BWY Dip
Email: sadhanaom@hotmail.com
Phone: 07969058458
Please bring your own packed vegetarian lunch. Hot & cold drinks juice will be provided.